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SMA Finger Wrenches now available on the shop

SMA finger Wrenches are the most efficient and effective way of tightening and loosening SMA cables in tight or dense spaces and equipment racks without the need to remove adjacent cables. Click here to BUY NOW

ODU Heavy Duty Connector Kits for Port Cranes

Clarke & Severn Electronics are now offering Connector Repair kits for Gottwald and Liebherr Port Cranes. The kits consist of ODU 309 Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical Connectors with Bayonet Coupling and includes Receptacle Housing (spacer & threaded rings included), Plug Housing (guide ring and threaded rings included) Socket Insert, Pin Insert, Cable Gland Clamp and Threaded Ring Assembly Tools. Each part is sold separately for convenience. Click here for details and to Buy Now

Active Instrument Direct Box

The SC800A is Switchcraft's first Active Instrument Direct Box.  It is designed to quietly preserve the tone of the world's finest musical instruments.  Ideal for converting the unbalanced outputs of passive musical instruments such as acoustic guitar and bass to balanced, mic level signals that can be connected to audio consoles and mic preamps. Click here to BUY NOW


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