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TNC Coaxial Connectors

CSE offers TNC connectors for a wide range of coaxial applications. We stock a wide range of connectors and can usually bring up to a 1,000 in a week or two. Order online today!

The TNC series is a commonly used coax connector. The same size as BNC connectors, but with a threaded coupling mechanism, this connector can be used up to 11 GHz. Both 50 Ω and 75 Ω impedances are available. Connector styles are available for flexible, conformable and semi-rigid cable types. Versions of the TNC connector are available for mounting to printed circuit boards using both through-hole soldered and through-hole press-fit techniques. Both crimp and clamp cable termination processes are used for this series. TNC’s are a low-cost high-frequency solution for coax connections.


J01010F2255 - Telegartner TNC Male Straight Plug RG-58 50 ohm Connector


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